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Hi everyone!

Welcome to Inspiring Diaries.

Sometimes life can get you down, it can push you to your limits and at times make you feel completely overwhelmed.

I hope to be able to inspire you to continue your journey, inspire you to push through the barriers you may believe are keeping you from reaching your ultimate goal.

Occasionally there will be links included that take you to other places that I may think would help to inspire you even further.

Thanks for stumbling upon my site and I hope there’ll be something here that you enjoy!

Stay Safe, Stay Smiling 🙂

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A little about the Author….

My name’s Christine, though most who know me call me Chrissie, so either’s fine.

I overcame blindness and was introduced to the huge online world. Writing has always been a passion of mine, though the lack of vision made it hard there for a bit…once that was restored I took back up my passion and here I am!

Finding the things that are inspiring to you can sometimes be difficult, hopefully with this site you will find the helpful tools to get you back on that motivated track.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something you enjoy 🙂

Stay safe, stay smiling!


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