Self-Mastery. Regain Control of Your Life

When you get mad, what do you do, blow up right? Most of us do, this is normal, although not the ideal way to deal with it, it still happens to the best of us. Another way to deal with it is through Self-Mastery, self-control.


What Is Self-Mastery?

Self-mastery is a series of processes that help you to take control of their life. In some ways, self-mastery is a perceived personality, which includes how others see that you. Working through self-mastery, you can help you to build a personality that you recognise as being your own. It gives you a sense of ease and a peace of mind. When it comes to self-mastering skills, it may seem hard to find them. One of the biggest reasons for this is that most people don’t even have a clue on what they are.

How Do You Build Self Mastery Skills?

The ways to build self-mastery skills depends on you.

Sometimes you have to make positive adjustments to retrain your mind, then you can make room for self-mastery development. You can take control of your life by probing into your own mind, to find the answers that help you develop self-mastery skills.

Use meditation to help you to focus, this will help you to be able to start digging and cleaning up the subliminal mind thoughts. Write each one down as you dig so you can work on the changes that need to be made for the future. Don’t let these thoughts control your digging, to stress you even more; stay focused until you reach the bottom. For a guide on meditation and help to choose the best  methods for you, check out my helpful guide.


Set Your Goals!

By digging with a focused mind, making changes will be easier. When you write them down, this helps to bring the negative thoughts out and helps start the process of reprogramming. Once you’ve dug down and found them, write down goals along with the changes you need so you can turn them into positive gold thoughts. By setting goals, you’ll have something to aim for. Break your goals down into small, attainable goals. When you reach each goal, you’ll feel a lot more motivated to continue.

Read Over Your Goals.

Go over and reread your new thoughts often, this will help to keep your mind thinking positive. Every time something negative slips in while making your changes, stop and focus and try to rethink positively. By reminding yourself often of the goals you’ve decided to reach, you’ll be able to reprogram your mind and brain to act in a positive way.

Think Positively!

This is so important. Reprogramming yourself to think positive will help you to strengthen the effective conscious and self-development, which in turn will help you to gain success. When we relieve stress by focusing on each one separately with goals, we grow stronger in making better decisions with a winning attitude.



Allow Time

Don’t expect a miracle overnight when practicing meditation for growing in effective conscious and self-mastery skills. You need to give yourself time to grow and practice the skills. Try practising each day, set aside a part of the day when you will be able to focus solely on your thoughts. Perhaps at the end of each day, before you go to bed. This will also help sleep, as you clear your mind of any negativity that has occurred through the day.

You probably won’t notice any changes in your performance right way. Other people will notice and like the new person in you before you will. As you learn to focus and relax, your communication skills will increase, allowing you to carry on a conservation with skill and confidence. Don’t be afraid to say how you feel by giving your opinions with ease.

Everyone is Different!

Different methods work different ways on people what may work for me, may not work for you. This is when you’re going to have to sit down and find all the ways there is to be able to find the right method that is going to work for you. that you are going to overcome the problems. take it one day at a time and set goals.

Til next time,

Stay Safe, Stay Smiling!


46 thoughts on “Self-Mastery. Regain Control of Your Life

    1. Thanks Tania 🙂 clear and easy goals in the beginnimg help the most I’ve found. Setting goals that are too complex makes them so much harder to reach, only resulting in the good ol habit of giving up☺


  1. Amazing tips, I agree. Positivity is very important, negative mind will make negative results over and over no matter what. Setting goals and reading them is super helpful, most people think that is stupid but that could be pure motivation, they think they don’t need to write down plans or goals because “they know it well”, they are so wrong.

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  2. I strive for self-mastery in my daily life. Making it a clear goal is a great tip, and I think it will help me with making it a daily habit. Thank you for the insightful and well thought out post.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s correct, each one of us is different and what works for a friend might not work for us. I used to have a very short temper and I changed that by looking at things in a more positive light. I felt that my patience was also developed in the process.

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  4. This is a very good post! Self-mastery and meditation are truly important to curing a break down/freak out. I discovered that many of my “anger attacks” as I called them turned out to be caused panic from anxiety attacks. Now I can identify (most of the time) when it’s time to take a time out and breathe.


  5. Meditating is probably one of the best ways to get to know yourself better. It’s a great way to reflect on the things that have happened and the things that you want to change. I love the idea of self-mastery, it will improve your outlook in life completely and make you feel great about yourself.


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