When Life Sux…

Life hits us hard when we least expect it. Things could be going great, then BOOM! Out of nowhere, something happens and it can turn your life into an absolute ball of fucked up chaos!

It happens to any one of us, at any given time. Some people will be more open about it, and yell and scream about how unfair life is and some can manage to hide it and carry on as if everything is OK. Everybody deals with the downfalls of life differently.

Here are some ways that may be able to help lift your spirits.

None of these things will change the situation, but they will make you feel better and help you get through until things get better – and they will get better.

legs-434918_960_720Pamper yourself

Have you ever noticed that pampering yourself goes a long way towards making you feel good? For some people, its shopping, working on the car, playing the guitar, taking a long bubble bath, exercising, eating ice cream. Think about what makes you feel comforted and spend some time doing it. The one that works the best for me is either drive out in the country and soak up the sun or to chuck the stereo on and blast some tunes. Usually it’s a mixture of songs from Brad Paisley, Roxette, Skid Row (Sebastian Bach! He can make anyone feel good) and Meatloaf. I’ll belt out the tunes – out of tune mind you – at the top of my lungs and even though my neighbours not feel real good after hearing me, I do 🙂

photo-256889_960_720Remember good times

When we go through a rough patch, it always seem to be the bad memories that keep haunting us. Take a stroll down memory lane (use a photo album if you have to!) and remember the good old days. Look at photos of friends and the time enjoyed together that made you laugh. I had a friend recently post a photo on Facebook of a very close friend and I at our year 10 formal. Although there was the cringe factor with the dress that I wore, it was a fun cringe factor. It made me remember the fun times of high school, the laughter…along with the mischief, that I had with her. Spend an extra amount of times on the memories that mean the most.

garden-gnome-1404358_960_720Help someone

Helping someone will make you feel great. I’m sure whoever it is, will be appreciative of your effort. It will also help, to keep you occupied. Sometimes seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing you had a hand in putting it there can turn a bad day into a wonderful one. It doesn’t even have to be something big, it can something as simple as helping your neighbour carry in their washing, or watering their garden. (That’s the least I can do for mine after torturing them with my singing)

img_20161013_000604Remember the less fortunate

By taking time to think about those who have less than you, you will start to think about what is good in your life. The little things that we can unknowingly take for granted. What we see as normal in our everyday life, such as freedom in movement, availability of shops, friends we can still enjoy the company of, not everyone is lucky enough to have this in their lives. This will make all but the most drastic events seem better and easier to deal with.

sunset-1331088_960_720Tomorrow’s a new day.

It’s true, nothing does last forever and most bad days don’t carry into the next. It’s perfectly OK to say fuck it and be upset at the world for giving you a bit of a raw deal. Positivity cant be expected to be upheld 24/7, and sometimes shit happens! Just don’t let it get hold of you too tightly. Even though today may be a bad one, know that there is a more positive day just around the corner. A good night’s sleep is all it takes to get there.

I hope that there are some things here that will help you when the day gets rough, even if it’s just one thing.

What helps you on the days that life sux?

Til next time,

Stay safe, stay smiling!

44 thoughts on “When Life Sux…

  1. Over the last 2 years, our family has had so, so many sucky days/months. Sometimes when it’s all overwhelming, we just do the next thing next. Looking too far ahead is scary, but sticking to the tasks at hand and working on one thing at a time often helps.

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  2. Good tips! When I’m having a hard time, I try to focus on my family. Just being around them and knowing how blessed I am really helps make me feel better.


  3. When I am having a stressful day I love to just prepare myself a bubble bath and sit there for an hour, reading a book or looking at nice photos on Instagram. I find that always helps. 🙂


  4. Your tips are great. This year has been filled with challenges and one thing I have learnt is that pampering myself does wonders to restore my spirits. Lovely post!

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  5. how good your post can make me relate to the bolder captions on each…

    when life sux, pamper yourself, remember the good times, help someone, remember the less fortunate, and always bear in mind that tomorrow is a new day….

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  6. Yes! Love all of these. I actually wrote a similar post today about being in a funk, and these are all super helpful to me. Especially, remembering the less fortunate or just starting the next day all over. Things always seem better in the morning.

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  7. Life doesn’t always go our way and that’s a fact. It’s important that we realize that early on. I don’t like complaining about what I go through or sharing it, what I do instead is to do things that help me relax and think. That way I can come up with a solution without bothering anyone.

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  8. Life can definitely pack a punch, and there are times when it seems to hit even harder than you ever think it could. I find talking about what’s going on with loved ones to be one of the best ways I cope.

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  9. These are very practical and helpful tips. When I am having a hard day I try to focus on my body and what it is telling me. I then try to pinpoint the emotion I am feeling and why. Once I have that figured out it is easier for me to address it and return back to joy. And prayers always help. ❤️

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  10. Some great advice. Tomorrow is a new day and new opportunity is like my life policy. Helping others is actually a great tip! It really helps to heal and love yourself again

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