When you take a holiday, you sit down and plan it out. You work out what destination you liked to see, what vehicle, or mode of travel you’ll use, what to pack in your bag that will be useful, and which route you’ll take. When you map it out, your journey will be a lot more likely to end up where you want, instead of a spur of the moment trip. I’ve done a few of the spur of the moment types, and some have worked out to be the best adventures I’ve had and then others have been complete…let’s just say, lessons.

The concept of mapping can be used in regards to life, and help you to reach your desired goal or destination.

Let me explain….

Destination: What is your ultimate goal?

knowledge-1052011_960_720Your destination should be where you would like to end up, your ultimate goal. Whether it be 2, 5 or 10years from now. Perhaps you see yourself being Manager in your company or a leader in your field. It can even be something like achieving complete inner peace in your life. Like you would with an adventure, map out smaller, or closer destinations along the way. This way reaching your final destination will be more attainable.

Vehicle: How are you going to get there?

lifting-24401_960_720You need to make a map as to what methods you have accessible to help you arrive at your destination. What skills may you need to undertake? Will there be training of some sort that’s needed? What will you do to gain these skills? Things as such can be classed as your vehicle that takes you to your goal. Courses that are undertaken can be classed as “legs of the journey” in the same way as flying to Point A will get you to the train station which then takes you to Point B, so on and so forth.

Travel Bag: What will you need?

20161020_121452To be able to reach your destination, you will need to have certain things to help get you there. You’ll need to bring with you certain knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Healthy mindset, or attitude is probably the most important one. If you take with you a negative attitude, you will more than likely not reach your goal. Believe that you can make it, think positively and this will help your journey in attaining your vision.

Anticipate Detours, and Potholes.

detour-44160_960_720If the roads in your area are anything like they are in mine, then you will come across an abundance of potholes and detours. Life is the same and shit happens. Things occur that we haven’t mapped out or don’t expect to happen. Family issues may crop up, or maybe there will be an extra step that’s needed that you didn’t take into account, or wasn’t aware of until you got so far. Those things can be out of our control, that’s part of life and great things never come easily!


I hope that this has helped you plan out your journey to reaching your goal or are you a spur of the moment type?

Til next time,

Stay safe, stay smiling!


11 thoughts on “Life-Mapping

  1. I have never thought of mapping my life and start planning it. I guess that is because I want to do so many things and because I don’t really know what my life’s purpose is at the moment. I didn’t figure out yet what I want to be or what I am heading for. 🙂


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