Feel Good Friday!



Today I thought instead of just punching in a whole heap of words and trying to inspire others, I thought I’d add some inspirational quotes for you to enjoy. Besides that, it’s Friday! After a long working week, (by that I don’t just mean a job you get up and head off to everyday, I mean anything that involves effort!) who the fuck wants to sit and read, me personally, I don’t. My eyes hurt too much by the end of the week and on Friday morning, all I’m hanging for is Friday night!

So in saying that big spiel, here’s my favourite quotes.


Your life is yours, nobody else’s.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way!



The first step to finding a happier you is thinking positively!


Don’t give up, be the success story you want to be!
Believe in yourself and love the life you live!


Don’t let fear hold you back. Smile more, live happier.


Everybody fails at some stage, it’s how one learns. Focus on the lesson it taught you instead.



Enough said 🙂


You are and you always will be. Don’t let anyone tell you any different!


Make the best out of what you were given, your life!















I hope there is a quote in here that you can relate to, or that can help you look foward to happier days.

Feel free to print these up and display them as visual reminders. I found that having these on display around my house helped me to feel better about myself and kept me on the path of being able to inspire others.

Which one, if any, are your favourites? Is there one here that inspires you?


Til next time,

Stay safe, stay smiling!











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