Give Credit To The Ones That Deserve It!


One thing I keep saying to my readers is, never be afraid to be you. Keep going at what you’re doing even if there are people out there that are going to knock you for it, even judge you harshly. I stand by what I advise. I can already foresee that there will be some readers, probably many readers, that won’t like nor agree with this post, maybe I’ll even lose followers out of it. But that won’t stop me from writing it and putting it out there.

give-yourself-the-gratitude-you-deserveOne thing I have noticed a lot over my years is the way people say β€œThank God” for the good things that have happened in life. On the various social media platforms, there’s always posts, pictures and statuses that give their thanks to God for the great things that have just occurred. Whether that be the latest job promotion, the expected arrival of a new baby, the award for their child may have just gained at school even down to the recovery of an illness. Everyday there is somebody thanking God for something. I’m not here to judge those people, that’s their belief and everyone is entitled to that. What I do wonder though, is Why? What exactly is it that God has done to make the above things possible?

The way I see it is as follows;

The job promotion was given to you because you worked hard to get it, you put in the long hours, you dedicated your time to your role and it paid off. You may have even put your family temporarily on the backburner to be able to gain that promotion. It was your hard work that did it. Whenever the promotion is handed to someone else, you don’t thank God then, do you? I presume you think to yourself that you could have worked harder or maybe there was something you could have done differently.

baby-718146_960_720The expected arrival of your new baby…well, we all know how that came about in the natural way of things, but again it was you and your partner that made that happen. Even if it was through the act of IVF, surrogacy, adoption etc it was all done via human interaction πŸ™‚

The award your child just received at school was earned by them studying, working hard, putting their heart into it. I know if I had done all of that and my parents were praising God for the award, I would be pissed!! And if they don’t receive the award, then it’s always the child who’s blamed for not paying enough attention, for not working hard enough or for not completing their homework. Praise your child for their effort. It may just encourage them to keep at it.

doctor-563428_960_720Recovery of illnesses….this one has always got me. The doctors that first diagnosed the problem, then found the appropriate treatment and medicines should be the ones that are thanked. They studied long hours to be able to learn how to treat the illnesses that we suffer, they give up endless hours to save someone’s life, yet I’ve noticed that not very often, are they the ones that are actually thanked when their patients recover. They may receive the thanks from the patient and/or family when they first recover but outside of that, it’s God that’s thanked. They really don’t get the credit they deserve.

field-918534_960_720Saying Grace at the dinner table each night before starting to enjoy the meal, what is with that? They usually start with β€œThank you, Lord for the food we are about to eat….” I live out in the country where our little town is surrounded by farmers. As I drive past the farms, it’s always the farmers that I see out there in the fields, working hard and sometimes long, horrendous hours in all weathers, to be able to provide that food. I pass a plethora of trucks that transport that food from the farms to the supermarkets to where people purchase it.

So it has me curious, exactly what does God do to be getting all the thanks? Please feel free to comment below and educate me.

I’m not saying I don’t believe in God, I just honestly believe that we should give ourselves, or the appropriate ones, a lot more credit for the accomplishments in our life, for it’s not God that puts in the hard yards to get to where we want or need to be.

This is my thoughts on this and you’re free to judge me on it as harshly as you like, after all, that’s your choice.

Til next time,

Stay safe, stay smiling!

45 thoughts on “Give Credit To The Ones That Deserve It!

  1. We mere mortals spend a lot of time talking about things that we can not prove one way or another. If the universe was a map of our mind we will quickly discover that its of little importance. So; it is what it is and if people believe in something then thats important to them.
    Have you ever imagined going to the edge of all existence and if you were to take just one more step whats there. It can’t be nothing….there is always something.
    Learn to love indifference. Yes many people dont believe because how could a God do what we perceive as ungod like.
    Consider this a child born with Down Syndrome (beautiful people). These days doctors can identify at a very early stage that a child has DS and advise to abort pregnancy. What a shame that in years to come we will either be perfect or be damned. I pray there is a God.


    1. Doctors have been able to detect Downs for quite a while now, several decades, and yes they are beautiful people…all people are or have the capability to be so. I’m not sure where the “learn to love indifference” comes into it, I’m not against why people thank God, I’m just curious as to why he gets praised for most things that humans themselves achieve. How will we either be perfect or damned? Thats more of a judgemental statement then anything else,and judging others by their choices is what makes this world so fucked up to begin with. I accept people for how they treat me and my family regardless to their beliefs. Also if there is something further how can the “edge of existence” statement be made? Im a little confused by your comment but appreciate it all the same.


      1. Yes; furthermore – i always think that sometimes human life with a tremendous number of difficulties and abnormalities is something that parents are better to be informed about prior to the birth – i cannot and will not be drawn on whether or not abortion is right or wrong however; knowing in advance about abnormalities is still a great thing – i have an autistic son – being aware of such perceived ‘differences’ enables parents not only to choose abortion but also to learn about what they face if they go ahead (as we did) and have some idea about what we are dealing with.
        Anyhow; i feel that further to the comment left by the reader we have gone somewhat off track. However; medical advancement is not a bad thing; knowledge of birth defects does not necessarily lead to abortion; it can help prepare parents and furthermore – sometimes birth defects may be so severe that the life of this child may be incredibly brief and/or incredibly painful; in which case i have no idea what i would do having been fortunate enough not to have been in such an extreme position – but parents who do choose abortion in these instances should not be vilified – life is complicated.

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  2. You are so right we all have to say thank you much more! The other day I got a parcel and was so thankful they carried it for me all the way up in the second floor cause I couldn’t have done it. The postman said it’s his job and he often is confronted with so many ill-humored people and he almost never hears a little thank you. Sad world!


  3. Quite a controversial and modern-thinking mindset and I love how you expressed your thoughts in those words. Saying thank you can have a big impact on someone’s attitude and life, even if it’s just in that brief moment of saying thank you, I need to say it more! Thank you!


  4. There is a lovely contemplation that your post reminded me of. As you are taking a sip of tea or a bite of food, you think about the myriad of beings that have made this morsel possible for you to eat or drink, from the pollination of bees, to farmers, and truck drivers, store owners and staff. There is something so humbling in being part of a world in which we are all so intimately connected to each other. It is hard to describe this extraordinary vastness and maybe God is the word people use when they have no other way to describe something indescribable?

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  5. I think both can exist together – I believe everything we are originate from God so everyday is a miracle and I give thanks. I also believe in thanking others for the great work they do. So bottom line: just gratitude all around! It’s an awesome way to live.

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  6. I totally get this although it’s also not bad to praise God along the way if that’s how they really are. We can also just recognize what it is that we worked so hard for ourselves. That’s not being boastful at all if you did it.

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  7. I understand that we should praise yourself when you accomplish something. However everything isn’t always in our control. Yes we all know how to make a baby however it is not as simple as that. For example, I was told I would have less than 1% chance of ever naturally conceiving but a month after my dad passed away I naturally conceived our son. So yes I thank God everyday for him.

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    1. You’re right, not everything is within our control, and I congratulate you on the birth of your son. I was told I couldn’t have any more kids and I had 3 in 3 years, yet I don’t believe that God had anything to do with that. Full respect to you if that’s your belief though, Carrie πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading.


  8. I am not a religious person but people who thank to God for different things don’t bother me, unless they start pouring their believes on me. I think everyone can believe in anything they want and that this is a personal preference for all of us. It comes from the way we have been raised, from our cultures and what we were influenced by when we were little.

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  9. this is a very thoughtful and well-written post. I agree with most of what you wrote, I believe in giving credit where its due and thanking people for their work because as humans we all need that pat on the back as motivation to do even better

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  10. So true, we all need to show a little more thanks. I do believe in God and I am grateful for all that he does, but it doesnt mean that my thanks skips the person who might have done the kind act etc (just an example). I love to give credit to the person who helped me and then give thanks to God for that blessing πŸ™‚ I hope this makes sense. Much love xx

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