When Life Sux…

Life hits us hard when we least expect it. Things could be going great, then BOOM! Out of nowhere, something happens and it can turn your life into an absolute ball of fucked up chaos!

It happens to any one of us, at any given time. Some people will be more open about it, and yell and scream about how unfair life is and some can manage to hide it and carry on as if everything is OK. Everybody deals with the downfalls of life differently.

Here are some ways that may be able to help lift your spirits.

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Give Credit To The Ones That Deserve It!


One thing I keep saying to my readers is, never be afraid to be you. Keep going at what you’re doing even if there are people out there that are going to knock you for it, even judge you harshly. I stand by what I advise. I can already foresee that there will be some readers, probably many readers, that won’t like nor agree with this post, maybe I’ll even lose followers out of it. But that won’t stop me from writing it and putting it out there.

give-yourself-the-gratitude-you-deserveOne thing I have noticed a lot over my years is the way people say “Thank God” for the good things that have happened in life. On the various social media platforms, there’s always posts, pictures and statuses that give their thanks to God for the great things that have just occurred. Whether that be the latest job promotion, the expected arrival of a new baby, the award for their child may have just gained at school even down to the recovery of an illness. Everyday there is somebody thanking God for something. I’m not here to judge those people, that’s their belief and everyone is entitled to that. What I do wonder though, is Why? What exactly is it that God has done to make the above things possible?

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5 Ways to Look After Yourself During Stressful Times

We all find ourself at times worrying over things that we have no control over. For this reason, many people today are seeking ways to reduce stress and eliminate depression.

Stress is a killer. It can lead to inflammation throughout your body, triggering the onset of a number of less than desirable health conditions. It also attacks your emotions and mind, which can lead to neurological disorders, emotional eating, detachment from friends and family, anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately, stress happens to everyone. That means you need to know how to deal with stress effectively. Consider the following 5 practices the next time a stressful situation arises, and stress will have a minimal negative impact in your life.


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Be Mindful of Your Actions

Since I began blogging, I have realised that not all opinions are the same…(I mean I knew that before but it wasn’t something that stood out as much due to living in my own little world and associating with very few) and what I have learnt since then is that no matter how hard someone tries, there will always be someone who doesn’t agree with what you do, write or say. Some people may not agree with this post and that’s fine too, I know not everyone can be pleased.

And that’s totally OK. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but what I wonder is, are people aware of how their opinions may affect the one they are directing their opinion towards?



For example, perhaps you’re passing a teenager, wearing all black with obvious facial piercings, on the street and you automatically assume that they are trouble….Do you stop to think that perhaps instead that’s what makes them feel comfortable. Maybe they have been through hell at the hands of a family member and that’s their outlet, their way to cope. They might not feel all bright and bubbly and don’t wish to display the bright colours.

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